ILIAD 75: An Interview with Riccardo Bulgarelli

What is behind the decision to add the new ILIAD 75 to the range?

We have been receiving requests for a boat of this size for quite some time, especially from clients that plan to have several crew members onboard while also being able to have 3-5 guest cabins. They also desired even more fuel capacity/range for their cruising plans, and generally their requirements demanded a bigger model than the ILIAD 62.

How has this new model evolved from the original ILIAD 70 launched in 2019?

There is essentially no connection with this new model and the original 70, which was built according to a very different set of requests from its owner. The new ILIAD 75 is entirely original in terms of design and features.

What were the primary features that directed the initial design of the ILIAD 75?

The predominant objective was to design a luxury long-range power catamaran with a fuel capacity of at least 10,000 liters, as well as having the interior space that can allow larger and separate accommodations for up to four crew (with separate access from the deck) and/or utility rooms (laundry, storage room, workshop etc).

The motor yacht was also designed to incorporate an enclosed pilot house and lounge on the air-conditioned flybridge, as well as having the capacity to store more tenders and watersports equipment, such as kayaks, SUPs and dive gear.

Engine room access is provided by a separate door on the lower deck, which is more convenient and does not disturb the social activities in the cockpit. The cockpit has been designed to be extremely spacious with free-standing furniture that can be arranged in a multitude of configurations, and the area also includes its own servers and head. There is a larger foredeck and upper deck that can also have its configuration customised according to clients’ preferences.

The ILIAD 75 features a very large area to accommodate solar panels, plus a bigger Lithium battery bank. In general, this model really is a significantly larger platform that allows for a world of customisation possibilities for each client.

What level of customisation can clients expect?

The ILIAD 75 invites the clients to enjoy the highest level of customisation, applying to almost every aspect of the motor yacht from layouts, finishes and materials, engine and electronics options, and much more. The sky is the limit when it comes to designing an exclusive flagship yacht that will truly reflect each owner’s individual style and cruising plans.

What are the ideal cruising grounds for the ILIAD 75?

Just like all models in the ILIAD range, the ILIAD 75 is designed for every possible cruising condition, from coastal waters to the most adventure offshore passage making. Its commanding performance and superior level of comfort make it the ideal world explorer while also being ideally suitable for luxury charter operations.

What makes the model ideal for commercial charter?

The ILIAD 75 is perfect for charter operation due to its exclusive crew accommodations that enjoy private/separate access. The engine room access is also designed to be very separate from all social areas.

The yacht is distinguished by its expansive living spaces throughout the boat, providing privacy for every guest to relax and enjoy the surrounds. The flexible layouts can be arranged for multi-purpose use, and the number of options and level of customisation also makes it possible to tailor the boat for whatever purpose clients desire (eg. entertaining, diving etc). The enormous storage capacity enables the ILIAD 75 to carry more tenders, water sports gear and other leisure craft.

How many crew does the ILIAD 75 require?

A minimum of two crew is recommended, but the boat can be configured to provide accommodation for four crew if required.