With its first model launched in 2019, ILIAD Catamarans is a boutique shipyard making its mark with its long-range power catamarans that set legendary new standards in comfort, build quality, fuel efficiency and seakeeping.

Born from an unwavering commitment to excellence, ILIAD Catamarans continues to go from strength to strength.

The company’s success can not only be attributed to the outstanding design and build quality of its power catamarans, but to the absolute passion of its team who understand the importance of dedicated service and support at all stages of our clients’ journey with us.

Founded in 2016 by Australian company Global Marine and Italy’s ITAC Marine, ILIAD Catamarans is powered by an ocean of experience and expertise.

The brand evolved from the team’s objective of designing and constructing premium-quality long-range, shaft-driven power catamarans that can be affordably customised and provide exceptional seakeeping and outstanding fuel efficiency.

The mastermind behind the design of the ILIAD range is renowned naval architect Riccardo Bulgarelli who worked in Italy for many years for some of the world’s leading shipyards and has designed and project-managed the build of many exclusive custom vessels as large as 112ft for successful export to the world market.

ILIAD Catamarans is managed by a professional team of Australian, English, European and Asian marine experts who oversee every step of the construction. The ILIAD Catamarans range is produced at a contemporary shipyard in Zhuhai, China, that was designed and constructed specifically for the company’s fleet of power catamarans.

These prestige long-range explorer power catamarans are produced for the world market using only the highest quality of internationally imported materials. ILIAD Catamarans are built to CE (Cat A) as standard, however all models can be built to any specified international survey classification and include a five-year internationally supported structural warranty for maximum peace of mind.

ILIAD Catamarans only utilise the finest products and materials in the construction of each vessel. The hulls and decks are each vinylester resin-infused with a PVC foam core. All electrical circuits and switching are hard-wired throughout the boats for optimal reliability and ease of management. Finishes are of the highest standard and hand crafted by a team of experienced professionals who have an unwavering commitment to excellence.

All models in the ILIAD range run on straight-shaft propulsions systems for ease of maintenance in remote areas, and the steering systems are state-of-the-art for unparalleled handling and responsiveness at all speeds. ILIAD Catamarans are constructed according to an efficient production schedule with the ILIAD 53 Series able to complete a build every eight weeks.

This is achieved courtesy of the hulls’ design that have been conceived and constructed for optimal performance and efficiency. The models’ high bridgedeck clearance significantly reduces resistance and wave slapping, providing enhanced comfort in challenging open-water conditions. Each model also has class-leading fuel tank capacity, which complements the hull design to afford outstanding range capabilities.

ILIAD Catamarans are impressive achievements in power catamaran design, delivering safe and comfortable offshore performance with some of the longest-range capabilities in their market segment (2500nm-4,000nm, depending on model).

ILIAD Catamarans’ standard recommended engines deliver a long-range cruising speed of seven knots at a fuel burn between 1.2 and 1.5 litres per nautical mile with a range of up to 4,000 nautical miles (depending on model). Well-trimmed fore and aft at all speeds, the catamarans are able to go further than their competitors with protective skegs/mini keels that protect the shafts, propellors and rudders to allow for safe and convenient beaching in the event of an emergency or remote maintenance work.

The ILIAD Power of Choice allows you to customize many aspects of your motor yacht, including layouts, finishes, engine options, electronics and much more.

The ILIAD 62 and ILIAD 75 are fully customizable, giving you the freedom to create a luxury, long-range power catamaran that reflects your individual cruising needs and distinctive style.

ILIAD Catamarans are distinguished by their premium level of finish throughout every model. Meticulous attention to detail is given to each aspect of the yachts, with outstanding craftsmanship and innovative design features to elevate your cruising experience.

The finest internationally imported materials are utilised throughout each model, and you can enjoy the freedom to tailor selections to create a yacht that truly reflects your personal style.

ILIAD Catamarans has designed each model to evoke the comfort and style of luxury apartments with astonishing space throughout their interior and exterior living areas.

Generous storage facilities are incorporated throughout each yacht for provisioning, personal items, spare parts and leisure toys to ensure convenient and clutter-free cruising to even the most distant destinations.

Each ILIAD Catamaran has also been designed with simple systems that provide you with the confidence to easily operate your yacht, no matter where your cruising plans take you.

Simplicity, quality and ease of operation is our ethic, and this philosophy is applied across all of the models. The systems are simple, logical and manageable with the resources you have onboard, with back-up systems and redundancy built into every model.

Every ILIAD Catamaran is equipped with an impressive inventory of standard inclusions, such as dual helm stations and electronics as well as systems for fuel transfer, blackwater and power management.

Each model also features flybridge hard tops, Planna fresh-water flush electric toilets, bathroom extractor fans, electric davits, electronic smart hydraulic steering, and an ocean of other premium-quality fixtures as standard.