ILIAD 80 Detailed Specifications

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ILIAD Catamarans are stunning achievements in power catamaran design delivering safe and comfortable offshore performance with exceptionally long range (2,500nm – 8,000nm). The catamarans are particularly unique in that clients are able to customise many aspects of their chosen model to reflect their individual style and needs, but without the epic cost of making changes to most production and semi-production power catamarans.

The ILIAD Catamarans range comprises the ILIAD 50, 60, 70 and 80, with each model allowing clients to choose their own preferred layout, timber finishes, electronics package, luxurious fabrics, engine options and more, at a cost-efficient rate.

Just like the legendary Achaean ships of Homer’s epic poem, Iliad Catamarans are designed to face the most treacherous conditions with confidence.

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